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Why Fencing?

We love fencing because fencing is a challenging sword fighting sport that requires you to make quick tactical decisions in the middle of the fight. It teaches people how to analyze situations, make complex decisions quickly, to think on their feet all without anyone getting hurt.

Did you now – Cobra Fencers are regularly recruited to some of the top colleges and universities.

Yale University

Princeton University

New York University

Columbia College

Air Force Academy

Penn State University

St. John's University

John Hopkins University

Notre Dame University

Boston College

Brandeis University

University of Pennsylvania



Fencing impacts the lives of those who have practiced the art and sport.

Japanese foil fencer, Yuki Ota's inspiring fencing visualized project.

Lee Kiefer wins USA's first ever gold in individual foil, Tokyo Olympics 2020

Get inspired, read the reviews.


"As a fencing coach in Boston area, I attend many tournaments throughout the year. Cobra Fencers are well trained in fencing, and exhibit great sportsmanship. Sign of a great coaching staff."

– Michael T.


"Cobra is like a second home to us.  The coaches are incredibly accomplished, humble and caring, and our kids look up to them.  Their dedication and passion inspires our kids and has pushed them to achieve far more than we ever expected. "

– Zahid B.

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