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Welcome to Cobra Fencing Club, where we offer a variety of sabre, foil  & épée fencing classes for students of all ages and skill levels. Our professionally trained coaches provide personalized instruction to help you develop your skills and achieve your goals. We believe that fencing is more than just a sport; it is a discipline that fosters self-confidence, respect, and sportsmanship. Our classes are designed to offer a rigorous workout and develop mental agility, helping our students lead healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.  Please see our programs below and let us know if you have any questions. Contact us today and join our community of dedicated fencers!

Classes and Sessions Available in All Three Disciplines



The épée is the heaviest weapon of the three. Epée fencing - the entire body is the valid target area (the others are restricted to varying areas above the waist).



Sabre, unlike foil and epee, the points are scored with the edge of the blade. This means that there is little difference between an electric and non-electric sabre, as there is no need for a spring button at the end of the sword.



The foil is the most commonly used weapon in fencing. There are two types of foil used in modern fencing. Both types are made with the same basic parts, one is electric, and the other is known as "steam" or "dry". 


Trial Classes

Our trial classes provide an excellent way to gain an insight into the fencing sport journey. Through beginner training you will learn the basics of fencing and decide whether it is the sport for you/your child.

Please note: We are partnering with Blue Gauntlet Fencing Equipment in NJ, to create a beginner package of gently used attire & equipment for your fencers.

Private Lessons

Our private fencing lessons are the perfect way to develop more skill and technique. Our experienced fencing coaches will provide personalized instruction to help you perfect your form and reach your goals. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced fencer, these lessons will help you take your game to the next level.

Trial Classes
Private Lessons

Group Classes

Our group classes are perfect for those looking to learn the sport of fencing. We offer beginner, intermediate, and elite classes for sabre, epee and foil fencing. Our experienced coaches will help you develop your fencing skills and provide you with the knowledge and technique to succeed.


The group classes are 2 - 3 times a week.

Please note: We are partnering with Blue Gauntlet Fencing Equipment in NJ, to create a beginner package of gently used

attire & equipment for your fencers.

Group Classes

Summer Camps

Looking for a fencing summer camp that is more than just training? Look no further than Cobra Fencing Club. Our summer camps offer a fun-filled experience for youth ages 11-15, where they can develop their fencing skills and participate in activities and trips that build friendships and teamwork. Our experienced coaches and staffers are dedicated to making sure every day of camp is a success. We take great pride in creating a lasting fencing-focussed experience that children will never forget.

Cobra fenciing summer camp
Summer Camps

At Cobra Fencing Club, we offer top-notch fencing lessons taught by our dedicated team of coaches. We are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment that inspires fencers of all ages and skill levels to reach their full potential. Our classes are designed to challenge you, while building teamwork and sportsmanship that you'll carry with you long after you leave the club.

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"As a fencing coach in Boston area, I attend many tournaments throughout the year. Cobra Fencers are well trained in fencing, and exhibit great sportsmanship. Sign of a great coaching staff."

– Michael T.


"Cobra is like a second home to us.  The coaches are incredibly accomplished, humble and caring, and our kids look up to them.  Their dedication and passion inspires  our kids and has pushed them to achieve far more than we ever expected. "

– Zahid B.

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