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About Us

Established in 2002, Cobra Fencing Club has been providing high-quality fencing instruction for almost two decades. Our founder, Steve Kaplan, is an Olympian and a renowned fencing coach with years of experience, and commitment to the Cobra Fencing Club. We offer a range of classes for all levels of experience, from beginner classes for kids to young adult advanced fencers. Our friendly community will make you feel welcome, whether you're here to compete, improve your skills or just have some fun.

We are dedicated to fostering the development of the Olympic sport of fencing. Here our students ages six and up, learn to focus, learn discipline and courage.


Meet the coaches

The Cobra Fencing Club team is nothing short of exceptional. With an Olympian lead coach, our team is committed to teaching your children the skills needed to excel in the sport. 


About Cobra

Sabre, unlike foil and epee, the points are scored with the edge of the blade. This means that there is little difference between an electric and non-electric sabre, as there is no need for a spring button at the end of the sword.


Our space

 Conveniently located inside the historic Lackawanna Center building right outside the Holland Tunnel, our club is easily accessible to fencers from all over the region. 

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Book our 4-day trial class to find the right package for you.

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